As  a 28 year resident of St. John, Indiana, I am wholly invested in this  community and will make decisions based on what is best for the health  and well-being of the residents now and for the future. 

Leadership  positions such as the town councilman is a leap of faith for the voter  and earning and maintaining a high level of trust once elected is  paramount in stewarding confidence in the office held. That means  accountability and responsibility to those that elect you. Selecting a  candidate is a very personal choice. If those you have chosen to  represent you fail your expectations the relationship is compromised. I  know you want to put failed expectations behind us and support a  candidate that is fair and equitable with some skin in the game to  represent OUR town. 

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In  1991, as a  newly married couple, my husband and I moved to this quaint  and idyllic  town with a population of 5,000 to establish roots as we  envisioned our  future together in a beautiful home and a growing a  family in St. John,  Indiana, with seemingly so much potential. We  happily added a daughter to our family and she attended all the town  schools – Kolling  Elementary; Hal E. Clark Middle School, a brand-new  school at the onset  of her 5th grade year; and of course, the  mega-school Lake Central High where she graduated alongside over 990  classmates.

We  happily planted our hope here with the vision of stability and  longevity for us and a planned and intentional community for everyone to   grow. We invested in this town. The Town of St. John that I proudly   have called my hometown of 28 years. Our home was one of our biggest   financial investments, but more importantly, we invested life and time   in this town. What drew us here was the quaint landscape, the hometown   feel and a sense of possibility that easily enveloped us. The sense of   community and belonging is still within our reach.


As the Executive Director of a coalition in Porter County addressing the opioid epidemic in Northwest Indiana, I am responsible for developing the cohesive plan of action and strategies that give the county a unified direction and a blueprint to move forward. Every day there is an article describing the heartbreak and loss of a family member, friend or neighbor. It is statistically safe to say that this crisis has touched your life in some way. 

Conditions of social significance and magnitude require creating partnerships, engaging professionals, encouraging participation, developing multiple communication channels and welcoming everyone to the table. Building a plumb and stable foundation is critical to the expected outcomes and simply can’t be developed in a vacuum to be successful. These basic strategies can be easily applied to the work of a town councilman. I will detail the experience, education and professionalism I am able to offer in this town leader position. It is apparent that as a town, we are in need of a unified direction that I will be able to provide because of my expertise.

The Masters of Public Administration that I earned from Indiana University has given me the opportunity to expand my skill base and apply it to the public sector I serve. Public policy development and analysis; funding development and budget forecasting; cost management, human resource and risk management are but a few of the disciplines I use on a regular basis for multiple federal and state grants to ensure the integrity of the coalition. The proficiencies I have developed throughout my 25 year + career will immediately enable me to contribute to the community conversation in a positive manner. 


Led 3-year period of rapid growth that included the administration of multiple federal and state grant projects to increase sustainability and provide services to the residents of the county at no cost to the tax payer. 


Project Director for multi-year state and federal grants strategically framing prevention, treatment and recovery initiatives that provide imperative funding resources to improve the quality of life in the county. Ensuring compliance and fidelity; credentialing, licensure and professional certifications including intensive ethics course for all staff; collecting data, analysis, evaluation and timely reporting. Transparency, accountability, and ethical indicators are essential in measuring success and continuation funding. The business acumen I have relied on for the sustainability and structural integrity of the coalition will easily transfer to the organizational structure of the municipality. 


Collaborating with Porter County school corporations to reach 100% participation and strengthening relationships with superintendents, principals and administration – 7 school corporations  fully engaged, providing evidence based prevention curriculum at no cost to the schools; All 7 Porter County police departments are actively participating and receiving quality (NILEA) training, optional funding for additional town patrols and increasing pubic safety at no cost to the municipalities through an engaged Drunk Driving Task Force. These strategies are within the reach of the town under the right leadership, and the ability to create meaningful relationships will enhance the quality of life in St. John at no cost to the tax payer.

Collaborating with sister counties in Northwest Indiana to share resources, support connectivity and build capacity to further improve the region as a whole. Building positive relationship with like leaders will only benefit the populace and positively impact the quality of life we desire.